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Wealth Planning Services

A unique, process-driven approach to delivering outstanding results for our partners.

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement Planning is a complex process that's different for everyone depending on the size of your business, your long-term goals, and the current state of your finances. Whether you are a business owner looking to facilitate a retirement plan for your employees or an individual looking to plan for your retirement, we can help you think through the various applicable issues which will guide you to solutions that meet your long-term objectives. Below are some of the introductory questions we can help you think through…

    Retirement Planning Questions:
    1. How does a retirement plan help me invest successfully?
    2. What is the difference between a Roth and Traditional IRA or 401(k)?
    3. What are the benefits of saving for retirement early?
    4. What type of retirement plan would be best for my business?

    Retirement Questions:
    1. If I am not taking Social Security yet, how can I explore a social security optimization plan?
    2. How much should I prudently withdraw from my IRA every year during my retirement?
    3. How does my risk profile affect me during retirement while living on a fixed amount of principal?
    4. What are some strategies that will help me invest successfully throughout my retirement?

    Call us to discuss how we can help you plan for a more successful retirement.

  • Investment Planning

    Investment planning is truly a never-ending process, and it is a process that we truly enjoy despite the ups and downs that everyone experiences. We utilize a broad array of tools to serve and equip our clients with unparalleled access to insightful analysis and empowering information. At Woodward Diversified Capital, we believe in a 3-fold client-centric approach to investment planning:

    1. Thoroughly understand each client's personal situation and long-term aspirations.
    2. Persistently communicate with client's, educating them on the various issues impacting capital markets, as well as to new investment strategies and opportunities.
    3. Review and Re-assess the overall strategy on a regular basis for necessary tactical adjustments or evolving client objectives.

    At Woodward Diversified Capital, our mission is to: "serve and equip, one investor at a time."

  • Estate Planning

    Estate planning requires broad experience in family dynamics, tax efficiency, and wealth transfer vehicles, all taking place in an ever-changing legal and tax landscape. At Woodward Diversified Capital, clients get to take advantage of Tom Woodward's 40-year career in ultra-high net worth estate planning. Tom works closely with clients, alongside their particular professionals, to understand their priorities and help them craft a plan that will benefit their family across multiple generations.

  • Insurance

    At Woodward Diversified Capital, we work with clients to understand their personal situation and needs, and then go to a large number of insurance carriers to find the best products and pricing for our clients.

  • Education Funding

    The first-year college tuition bill for in-state average public education in 2030 is projected to be around $30k per year, and it is expected to be almost $71k for an average private institution.

    There are two different types of Education Funding plans: 529 Plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. While each allows a tax benefit on saving for educations costs, the 529 plan has the most flexibility in terms of contributions and beneficiaries, and it is an interesting vehicle for estate planning purposes.

    Coverdell Education Savings Accounts have MAGI phaseout limits for contributions:
    Single filers:   $95k - $110k
    Joint filers:      $190k - $220k

    MAGI – Modified Adjusted Gross Income for ESA purposes is AGI from IRS form 1040:
    529 Plans:
    The 529 plan allows for contributions up to the annual gift tax limits - $15,000 per year. Additionally, a 529 plan has a provision whereby a single individual can take advantage of 5 years’ worth of those gifts at any one time and fund up to $75,000 in one year. So, a married couple could contribute up to $150k in one year. Once the gift is made, the funds are no longer considered part of the gifter's estate, and as such, allows for a substantial transfer of assets for estate planning purposes. For estate planning purposes, family members may want a 529 plan for each child or grandchild. However, that is not necessary for education planning as 529 plans offer the flexibility to change beneficiaries at any time, provided the 529 plan was not funded by a UGMA/UTMA account.
    The tax code is obviously subject to change as are the gifting limits in any year at any time, and as such, anyone considering planning for education or estate planning should work with their advisor and consult their CPA when considering their long-term plans. Give us a call if we can answer any further questions or help you start saving for a child or grandchild's education.