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    Astoria’s Q3 Investment Outlook

    It’s time to start nibbling on stocks/credit.

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    Student of the Market - October 2022

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    First Trust Economics Blog With Brian Wesbury

    The antidote to conventional wisdom.

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    Invesco Blog

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    Mitch on the Markets - October 11th, 2022

    Investors have a few useful tools for understanding bear markets.

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    Market Know-How | 2022: Edition 2

    Semiannual Insights and Implementation Strategic Advisory Solutions

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    Published Research Articles on Vitamin C as a consideration for Novel Coronavirus

    In 1936 Gander and Niederberger found that vitamin C lowered fever and reduced pain in pneumonia patients. Also in 1936, Hochwald independently reported similar results. In 1946 Slotkin further reported that "Vitamin C has been used routinely by the general surgeons in the Millard Fillmore Hospital, Buffalo, as a prophylactic against pneumonia, with complete disappearance of this complication."

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    Tax Strategies for Higher-Income Taxpayers

    This overview summarizes some of the key areas that you and your tax advisor should assess. Your financial professional can assist in evaluating investment decisions that could help mitigate your tax liability.

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Market Pulse - October 2022

Falling energy prices and recovering supply chains are likely to continue to push goods inflation lower in the US. Meanwhile, we